Composting Facility

The St-Hyacinthe Agricultural Institute of Technology operates a teaching farm facility on its premises at the outskirt of the city. To better fulfill its mission and to demonstrate a modern technology for the recycling of manures representing surplus nutrients, the Institute built a composting facility to process the solid manures of its livestock (cattle, swine and poultry).

Consumaj designed, planned and obtain the proper certificates of environmental authorisation for this composting facility at the Maskita Farm.

The infrastructures consist of a reinforced concrete plate-form covered by a roof; the plate-form offers 3 cells, where the two first are equipped with forced aeration for an active composting activity, and the 3rd cell is without aeration to mature the compost. The facility can treat over 6000 m3 of manure annually, which is sold to a major landscaping company in the region.


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