Dairy Cow Barns

Over the years, Consumaj has developed a wide ranging expertise in dairy barn design and construction, being one of the first in Québec, to design barns enhancing cattle displacement for the efficient operation of milking robots.

For several projects, the challenge is to link new buildings to older ones, while still maintaining a functioning and logical system.

Consumaj also plans the management of livestock effluents, such as manures and milk house wastewaters.

In this specific project, Consumaj designed and built a tied barn for dairy cows. The challenge was to link the new barn with three other existing structures, besides renovating the former dairy barn for heifer housing. The designed manure pit had a 250 day capacity.

In this other project, Consumaj designed a free stall barn to house 220 milking cows. The manure is collected by means of slatted floors over a deep pit. The challenge was to build this structure over soils with a low bearing capacity. The Boumatic double 18 milking parlour has a basement to house the accessory milking equipment. Storage facilities for wood shavings, hay and silage were built next to the dairy barn. Consumaj was able to build this facility within a record time of 14 weeks, allowing the client to save money and start its new production earlier than anticipated.


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